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With the astrology opening the door to your communication sector this is good news. You may be sending out a lot of information today via email or having something looked into where a message could come through to help you see where to take the future next. Leo, it's not always easy to be strong, but sometimes it's best to be flexible and adaptable. The desire to be the heavy today may come up as you'll find yourself protecting your home base. You can be territorial today with fixing things around the house, making investments of time and money into home related projects.

If you do investments, glance at your portfolio for insight on what to do with your money in the near future as your money sector opens for you today. Virgo, temptation is real and it can also be personal. The Devil tarot card is a reminder that goals set are not always met challenge free.

Virgo Today

You can find yourself tempted to put down your ideas or plans and wait until later, but don't do it. Your personal sector opens today. It may be counter intuitive to do things like self care, grooming, or donating clothing and buying new items for your personal image today rather than the new year. However, your desire to do so is right in line with the day's energy.

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Libra, the past can bring up some matters where it's important for you to withhold your forceful side and be a good listener. Someone or you may need to fix something that was left unfinished earlier in the year today. Tackle projects with loose ends that need to complete in a timely fashion but have been tough to finish. Scorpio, your friend circle can change today.

Through chance of fate you may run into an old friend and there's an instant connection.

Today, your loner status could find a happy ending and you are back in touch with people who understand your needs and wants. It's a great day for reaching out to others and making plans, or participating in social networking events, too. Sagittarius, waiting for something can be tough but necessary. Your work can make you feel that you can't escape the tasks that you keep wanting to avoid, but yet, it's is what it is. Until you make a change that is truly dramatic, your day could run from you before evening.

Be sure to set a personal deadline so that you do have time for fun. Don't wait for it to happen naturally.

Moon Alert

Plan for it. Capricorn, listen to your conscience and also pay attention to spirit guides. You are learning to tune into the world around you, and today, taking classes, studying something spiritual or meditating can open your third eye. If you're some what of a cynic when it comes to the spiritual matters, a meeting with a person of faith could take you by surprise.

Aquarius, miracles happen every day. An area of your life can find new energy and vitality.


It's a great day for sharing and working on projects that require a team effort as your resource sector opens for you favorably. The Sun tarot card also indicates good luck and positive energy today regardless of how complicated things can become. Pisces, your options are endless and life can seem like it's beginning to open a new chapter you've never experienced before.

Your sense of love and charity can be strongly motivated by love of others. Showing support in different forms will bode well with your heart today. Aria Gmitter, M. Are you a team player? Most Scorpios prefer to go it alone, but is that truly the best use of your energy? There are people eager to help you further your cause—today's Virgo moon asks you to reflect on you the support you have in your circle. Whatever your career is, Sagittarius, it's important to you to be of service to the world, and today's Virgo moon finds you reflecting on issues concerning your career, reputation, and legacy.

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You want to leave an impact and change the way people think—this is a powerful time to do it. Today's moon in fellow earth sign Virgo encourages you to break through limitations and expand beyond your expectations. It's a wonderful time to travel and connect with new ideas. Attend a lecture on a topic that inspires you today. You hate being bored, but too much change or instability is frustrating for anyone, even you, Aquarius!

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Today's Virgo moon asks you to look within and consider how you fare during unexpected times. What can help you feel more grounded? What can help you through difficult transitions? It's an intense day for your partnerships as the moon moves through your opposite sign Virgo.


Boundaries and limits are explored, and big emotions rise to the surface—today you're tasked with balancing detachment and immersion. The moon moves through dutiful earth sign Virgo, inspiring a busy, productive mood.

Making and keeping plans isn't easy today, but you're pushing ahead brilliantly at work. Make time to concentrate on your physical wellness, too. The moon is in fellow earth sign Virgo today, finding you in a flirtatious mood! Some hazy confusion arrives in your social life, and big feelings come up for you to contend with, but all in all, you're feeling powerful and eager to try new things.

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Confusion is in the air today, but the moon in Virgo calls you to go within and focus on your spirit—not your career goals or public life. It's a powerful day for change.